AP Feeling Blue

I have explored the colour in my experimentation for my Autonomous performance to see how it affects the mood of my character. I have used the colour blue to identify the sadness within my character.  I used blue sheets, clothes and I scattered them around the performance area (don’t mind the red behind me as it was another performers performance area); I used high platform to experiment with using a shower on stage so the audience is below the performance stage; I used cold lights to create more of the sadness; and I also used the sounds of rain drop to create the environment of being in the shower.

Here is my short experimentation:

However, I’m still thinking of going back to the bed routine as I feel it will be more relevant to more audiences. And also it will be easier for me to recreate a bedroom on stage rather than a shower which in my opinion should work.



Hurley, E. (2010) Theatre and Feeling, London: Palgrave Macmillan


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