AP Creating Environment

In my final performance I want my character to be me. So in today’s experimenation I thought of the theme: morning feelings. I created a bed from a rostra a few sheets. The place where head lays was colorful to recreate the dreams and the bottom was blank as to denote the routine of life.

Listening to some music I created a small piece that used lots of repitition (look at Pina Bausch)

  • lying down
  • sitting up
  • back to lying down
  • sitting up
  • turning to put my feet on the floor
  • back to lying down
  • sitting up
  • turning to put my feet on the floor
  • standing up
  • back to lying down
  • sitting up
  • turning to put my feet on the floor
  • standing up
  • making the bed ect.

As I was in my own space it was hard to focus on what I am doing. I think i will have to recreate the environment of the space that my character’s in and create a boubble around me sonoone else in the room distract me, like I do it when i am home alone.

So for my next step I will find out more about Pina Bausch repetition technique and I will experiment at home with getting up, putting my make up on or having a shower and then in the rehearsal space I will make my movement bigger to denote that particular moment in time.


AP 50 words

I want to make a physical theatre piece where my focus will lie in identity, my everyday routine and how I feel at this particular moment. I will use my native language to tell the story verbally and I might sing live on stage as well. I would like to use traditional Polish music and advancecd use of lighting that will re-create the mood of the character.



CIRP Dissertation vs. Legacy Project

I have always had a dillema between dissertation and legacy project. Always theough that dissertation is the path to go because last year fourth years went into that route. So, I didn’t really hear anything about legacy project.

Because I am a foregin it is harder for me to write academically, I’ll always make a mistake in grammar or spelling; even if it’s double checked by other people. I tried really hard past last years to geet better at writing but it doesn’t come to me that easly, and I know it is  not my strongest thing.

Over the years of learning theatre I came I came to conclusion that my favourite theatre is physical performances. How the body language speaks up to audience, dothey understand the story, the meaning?; is that performance something new to their eyes? In my opinion everybody speaks with their body language and gestures in eveyday lives. But what interested me was if the audience understand the physical performance but hearing not their native language, a language that they don’t know of. And… That would’ve totally be a dissertation, and the question was to broad.

The next stage i went into was re-creating my question with one of my class mates:

  • can body language potray a culture
  • is the voice neccessary to potray body language
  • is body language a universal language

Again… All of those questions where to broad, and again… dissertation route.


Then I’ve spoken to two of my lecturers about what I cann do for legacy project. Believe me, legacy project sounds hard. It scared me because there is a lot of work that has to be done outside college with other people that i do’t know, that i normally don’t speak to. So then I thought… ok, what can I actually create for the audience that stays with them theough the years? Last Tuesday i went to international English classes to participate and observe. Most of them struggled with English and their gestures and body language took on a big role while communicating with others. It was interesting to see how different their body language was to what I normally do. I thought then, creating a webside for internationals in Inverness with gestures will help them to communicate better even if they don’t speak English that well.



So I came to my final conclusion:

  • participate in English classes on Tuesdays
  • participate in cafe International on Fridays
  • speak to ESOL lecturers in college
  • advertise through the teachers

Finally I made my research statement for CIRP:

Unspoken: communicaing and miscommunicating through gestures.